Facilitation and Mediation of Public and Environmental Conflicts: Practical Strategies for Reaching Agreement

April 26–28, 2011 and November 8–10, 2011            

Public and environmental conflicts are some of the most difficult to resolve.  Complex issues, multiple interests, intense emotions, high stakes, competition over limited resources, and frequently significant scientific or technical uncertainty make them especially tough to address.

You will learn how to conduct situation assessments on complex disputes, determine when collaborative approaches are appropriate, organize and convene collaborative problem-solving sessions, and effectively use facilitation and mediation to forge strong agreements.

This three-day seminar includes a light breakfast and afternoon snacks each day, as well as an informal cocktail party.  Tuition—$950; Limited to 35 participants.  Register online at www.mediate.org.

Offered by

CDR Associates

Target Audience

CDR Associates helps people – leaders and managers in the private sector, government, diverse organizations and public interest groups – talk, find common ground and reach agreements on difficult issues such as: sustainable development, peacebuilding, natural resource management, transportation, water, energy or the performance of organizations.

Course Length

3 days


April 26-28 or November 8-10, 2011


Chautauqua Community House, Boulder, CO

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