101: Introduction to Managing Environmental Conflict

Managing Environmental Conflict requires a broad range of skills and abilities including: analyzing the situation to determine the most productive approach; project implementation and management, communicating effectively to build and maintain working relationships; and finding workable solutions by analyzing problems from an "interest-based" perspective to satisfy the diverse interests of all parties.

This highly participatory and interactive course will help develop awareness of the many facets of conflict management, focusing on assessing and organizing, the steps in implementing environmental conflict resolution and collaborative planning processes, central concepts of interest-based problem-solving, basic communications survival skills, and resources available. This training exposes those new to Environment Conflict Resolution to the broad range of concepts and skills that one must have to effectively manage environmental conflicts.


This introductory workshop will help participants:

  • Develop an awareness of the field and practice of Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • Know how to systematically analyze a situation and identify an appropriate conflict resolution process
  • Learn effective conflict management concepts, particularly the central principles of interest-based bargaining
  • Develop basic communication skills that help foster long term relationships and help to better manage, negotiate, and resolve conflict

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Offered by

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Course Length

2 days


March 1-2, 2011


Denver, CO


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