HEADWATERS - Fall 2010

Posted: Oct 19, 2010
Written by: 
Colorado Foundation for Water Education

In Fall 2010, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education widens its scope to explore conflicts between both land and water-based recreational users.  Inspired by the 2009 legislative attempt to clarify commercial boating rights on Colorado's streams, this issue of Headwaters reports on that issue and more.  As recreation in Colorado approaches a $10billion per year industry, the voices of those stakeholders are increasingly involved in water resource decision-making.  CFWE explores both how recreation is included in project planning and management, and which user groups are favored over others, through examination of recent attempts at wilderness designation, the challenge of boating on Colorado's heavily managed streams, the processes land and water managers use to enhance or limit recreation, and of course, the conflict between private riparian land owners and the floaters traveling by (or through) their property.

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