USFS takes a new, resilient approach to management

Posted: Mar 7, 2011

Written by

ROCKY BARKER, The Idaho Statesman

The Forest Service’s current chief, Tom Tidwell, who grew up in Boise, has effectively used the word “resiliency” to form a new consensus for managing the 193 million acres of national forests.

The new goal is to maintain the resilience of forest ecosystems and to restore that resilience where it has declined. But what does that mean?

At a time when the climate is changing more rapidly than anyone has ever seen, Forest Service managers are seeking to preserve the ecological processes critical to humans, other animals and plants. This year it meant doing controlled burns, logging, piling brush and thinning dense stands of trees on nearly 3 million acres.

Scientists now show that these huge fires, combined with beetles, are causing the dramatic ecological changes associated with climate change. These changes present still unknown impacts on our lives and favorite wild places and creatures.


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