House GOP seek cuts to Energy Star, weatherization, advanced energy research, puppies

Posted: Jan 21, 2011

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Congressional Republicans have been talking "spending cuts" for ... well, forever ... but for the most part they've been cagey about what specific programs they would cut. "Government spending" in the abstract is unpopular these days, but the programs government funds are generally popular. That's why "government waste" and "earmarks" are such popular topics among conservative pols -- it helps maintain the illusion that it's possible to substantially cut spending without touching anything popular.

Start with the obvious: There are no cuts to America's bloated military budget, which was somewhere north of $660 billion in 2010, more than the rest of the world's defense spending combined. And there are no cuts to the sprawling, opaque Department of Homeland Security, which costs more than $50 billion a year. In maintaining global empire and expanding the security state, every dollar is sacred.

There are also no cuts to fossil-fuel or corn-ethanol subsidies. No corporate contributor to the Republican Party will find anything to fear. The bill might as well be called the Thumbing Liberals In the Eye Act of 2011. It's a laundry list of targets conservatives have been after for decades, most of which will make no appreciable difference to the nation's fiscal health.

Read the "Spending Reduction Act of 2011" here.


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