Crying wolf in the Bitterroots

Posted: Apr 14, 2011

Written by

TOM WOODBURY, The Missoulian

While Sen. Jon Tester and Rep. Denny Rehberg race to the bottom to see who can do more damage to wildlife protection laws, more sober and less politically motivated voices are trying to inject reason into the debate. According to a letter signed by 1,293 scientists: "If any one species is taken off the endangered species list by Congress, then all of the species on the list become vulnerable to future political attacks."

Closer to home, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News maintains that neither Idaho nor Montana are ready to manage wolves, since both states "have made their disdain for the wolf abundantly clear, and seem to have taken up with the ‘smoke a pack a day', ‘kill 'em all' and ‘shoot, shovel and shut up' crowds."

While Tester insists Montana is ready to "manage" (euphemism for "kill") wolves, the most recent proposal from Fish, Wildlife and Parks does not support his assertion.


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