Colorado doesn't need more bills on regulating oil, gas operations

Posted: Feb 7, 2012

Written by

The Denver Post

We've been fairly insistent that regulation of hydraulic fracturing is and should remain a state responsibility, but we also understand why so many Front Range jurisdictions have enacted or are considering moratoriums on such drilling.

Lots of people have concerns over fracking's possible impact on more densely populated areas. Some of the worries may have merit — the possibility of extra noise, traffic and dust, for example — while others reflect the sort of speculative claims routinely raised by opponents, such as contamination of groundwater.

However, so long as state regulators are willing to work with local jurisdictions on areas of concern, we don't think lawmakers should be proposing sweeping changes in drilling rules that have been revised twice in the past five years. Indeed, the fracking regulations finalized last year are among the strictest in the nation.


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