State Senate to consider Idaho's demand for federal land

Posted: Apr 1, 2013

Written by

JOHN MILLER — Associated Press
Grays Lake NWR

The full state Senate will consider a measure demanding that the federal government cede millions of acres of public forests, backcountry and rangeland to Idaho, on grounds the state can manage it better.

After House Republicans followed his lead, Rep. Lawerence Denney of Midvale on Thursday convinced GOP members of the Senate State Affairs Committee to pass his nonbinding resolution telling the U.S. Congress to negotiate with Idaho on returning U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other federally-managed territory to state control.

Denney says Idaho could cut down one billion board feet of timber annually, creating jobs and reducing fire danger while still preserving wildlife and recreation. Denney contends that mismanagement of federal land in Idaho has resulted in policies that hurt the state, impede economic growth and leave rural communities with too few resources to prosper.


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