O&G lobbies for access to White River National Forest

Posted: May 17, 2013

Written by

Scott Condon, Aspen Times
White River NF

The oil-and-gas industry is claiming that closures of land and increased regulations contemplated in the White River National Forest will make drilling “uncompetitive.”

Five organizations affiliated with the gas industry submitted comments last winter to the Forest Service as part of the agency’s effort to rewrite rules of where drilling will be allowed and under what circumstances. The federal agency is overhauling an outdated plan from 1993.

Three oil-industry trade groups contend that the Forest Service’s analysis is skewed toward restricting oil and gas development. The draft Environmental Impact Statement looks at four alternatives. One will be selected — possibly a hybrid of the options or even a new one — and it will guide natural gas activity for decades.

The Forest Service isn’t scheduled to release a final environmental impact statement on its oil and gas plan until next year, at the earliest.


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