New federal land use plan draws ire of Wyoming counties, industry

Posted: Apr 9, 2013

Written by

ADAM VOGE, Casper Star-Tribune
Fremont County

The federal government's nearly complete land-use-plan revision for a 2.4 million-acre area from northwest of Dubois to southeast of Jeffrey City is drawing the ire of some in the area, including county governments and a major energy producer.

Calgary, Alberta-based Encana Oil and Gas and members of the Fremont County Commission are formally protesting the federal Bureau of Land Management's new resource management plan, a revision of a land use guide last updated in 1987. Natrona County commissioners this week voted to support their neighbors' objections.

Among both the counties' and Encana's qualms with the newest plan, they say, is that it's too restrictive. The preferred plan identified one area southeast of Lander, Twin Creek, as an "area of critical environmental concern," to Fremont County's chagrin.


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