National parks sit on edge of 'fiscal cliff'

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

Written by

KYLE ROERINK, Casper Star-Tribune

The National Parks Service has three budget possibilities for 2013.

None look good.

The supplemental budget Congress passed in September only funds day-to-day operations until March 27. If nothing is done before then, the service’s finances will remain precarious at least until spring.

Second is a slapdash budget lawmakers hope to piece together before the end of the year.

The labors of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House on an omnibus spending bill are being called a fool’s errand by skeptics in Washington. House Speaker John Boehner says reaching a bargain with six weeks remaining in the year could be capricious. But the fear of falling over the so-called “fiscal cliff” put lawmakers to work before the lame duck-session begins after Thanksgiving. Deep cuts to Park Service spending are inevitable in whatever Congress proposes in the coming weeks. Anything, though, would be better than the third option: sequestration.


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