Idaho sage grouse working group seeks comments on habitat plan

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

Written by

KIMBERLEE KRUESI, Twin Falls Times News
Sage grouse

A local group of biologists, landowners and others has moved one step closer to preserving sage grouse habitat.

The North Magic Valley Local Working Group has released the draft of its sage grouse conservation plan. The group has worked on the plan for four years.

The group will now seek public comments on its draft. Once the comments have been processed and the draft modified, the group can apply for funding for the future conservation projects it details.

Fish and Game oversees local working groups throughout the state as the latter develop voluntary plans to benefit sage grouse. Last year, federal officials announced that the bird was a candidate for endangered species protection but was not a high enough priority to be listed.

The North Magic Valley group covers nine counties and more than 1.1 million acres of key sage grouse habitat. The draft states the group hopes to recover roughly 310,000 acres of potential grouse habitat.


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