Gateway town raises funds to plow Yellowstone NP entrance

Posted: Mar 25, 2013

Written by

Carmen Irish, Billings Gazette
Plowing Yellowstone

Yellowstone gateway community members of Cody will plow ahead with their effort to clear Yellowstone National Park’s East Entrance on its traditional opening day of May 3.

The National Park Service postponed the start of spring plowing by two weeks this year to save money amid federal budget cuts. Plowing was supposed to begin March 4.

A two-week delay would have cost Cody an estimated $2 million in tourism-related revenue and taxes, according to the National Park Service. In those first two weeks, more than 11,000 travelers enter the park through the East Gate.

When the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce heard the announcement that the park wouldn’t open until May 17, it agreed to match donations up to $50,000 from its reserve account for the plowing of the East Entrance, about 50 miles west of Cody.


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