BLM issues new right-of-way regulations for renewable energy development

Posted: Apr 30, 2013

Written by

Elko Daily Free Press
Wind energy

The Bureau of Land Management is issuing a regulation that will facilitate right-of-way applications for lands with wind and solar energy development potential.

The regulation — called The Final Rule — will allow the BLM, when necessary, to temporarily segregate lands in a wind or solar energy right-of-way application from the location of mining claims or other land appropriations.

The Final Rule will revise the regulations to provide for the segregation of lands to facilitate the processing of solar and wind energy right-of-way applications.

Under the Final Rule, lands with right-of-way applications for solar or wind energy development could be segregated from the location and entry of mining claims. Such segregations would only be authorized as needed, and would not necessarily cover all lands where renewable energy right-of-way applications have been filed, according to the BLM.


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