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Company proposes mitigation project in Wyo.

May 15, 2013

The plan for a 600,000-acre mitigation bank in Wyoming would benefit environmentalists, the state and energy developers, according to the men behind the idea.

The idea would allow companies to conserve land before they develop elsewhere. The current proposal involves a restoration project...

USFS budget emphasizes collaborative planning and conservation

April 15, 2013

President Obama's budget request for the Forest Service includes full funding for a popular collaborative restoration program and seeks increased funding for land acquisitions and private land easements.

The agency's $4.9 billion request is about the same as current funding levels.


USFS sees growing role for public-private partnerships in watershed protection

March 6, 2013

The Washington County, Ore., water utility had a problem. Water being returned to the river from its two treatment plants on the Tualatin River was violating federal temperature standards, potentially harming salmon.

Clean Water Services faced a choice on how it could avoid big fines:...

Official urges federal, local collaboration on wildfire projects in the West

February 28, 2013

As the western U.S. comes off a tough wildfire season, more collaboration is needed to guard against catastrophic fires and to restore charred forests and rangeland, a senior federal official said at a Western Governors’ Association meeting Saturday.

The federal government is accelerating...

Yosemite plan calls for more campsites and parking spaces

January 15, 2013

Yosemite Valley would have more camp sites and parking spaces — and the number of daily visitors would not be reduced — under a National Park Service plan intended to ease congestion in one of the country's most scenic spots.

The proposal is the agency's third attempt to produce a legally...

Montana businessman an 'enigma' on energy, conservation

December 17, 2012

Although he proposed to his wife on a mountaintop and claims to have hiked more wilderness than any other elected official, Montana's Rep.-elect Steve Daines (R) remains a riddle on some of the Treasure State's most vexing natural resource issues.

The Bozeman, Mont., businessman and...

Interior proposes 'threatened' listing for bird with habitat coveted by energy developers

December 3, 2012

The Interior Department today proposed Endangered Species Act protection for the lesser prairie chicken, a grayish-brown grouse whose native grasslands and prairie habitat in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas has declined by about 84 percent.

The proposed "threatened"...

Colorado ranchers, sportsmen propose buy-back of oil-lease land

November 19, 2012

Colorado ranchers and sportsmen have hatched a novel plan to protect 220,000 acres of high-country public land from oil and gas drilling: Buy back the leases from energy companies.

The opening offer — $2.5 million, or $2 per acre, the amount the companies paid for the leases when they...

Green groups, military interests promote Ariz. conservation plan

November 14, 2012

A proposal backed by environmental groups and military interests in southern Arizona would protect hundreds of thousands of acres -- as well as large swaths of the airspace above them.

The "Sonoran Desert Heritage Proposal," which supporters are crafting with the hope of seeing it...

Montana wildlife commission gives initial approval for elk brucellosis plan

November 13, 2012

Initial approval was given Thursday to a list of options that may be used to try to drive down the prevalence of brucellosis in elk, but only after Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission members heard kudos and concerns about the process and the product put out by the volunteer Elk-Brucellosis...

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