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Pinnacles NM elevated to national park status

January 14, 2013

In a move that increases the profile -- and most likely the tourist draw -- to Pinnacles National Monument near Hollister, President Barack Obama on Thursday signed legislation upgrading the area to full national park status.

The new Pinnacles National Park becomes the 59th full national...

Grand Canyon: Judge allows challenge to mining limits

January 12, 2013

A federal judge in Arizona ruled yesterday to allow challenges to go forward against the Obama administration's ban on new mining claims on roughly 1 million acres around Grand Canyon National Park.

The ruling comes on the first anniversary of the 20-year withdrawal, meant to limit the...

New Yosemite management plan wouldn't limit visitors

January 12, 2013

A National Park Service proposal released yesterday would add more campsites and parking spaces to Yosemite National Park but wouldn't reduce the number of daily visitors.

The plan would restore 203 acres along the Merced River and change traffic circulation and parking. It also would get...

Appeals court upholds Idaho Roadless Rule

January 9, 2013

A plan governing the development and preservation of 9.3 million acres of roadless federal public land in Idaho has survived another court challenge.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Idaho’s “roadless rule” on Monday, declaring in a brief written...

Climate change could cut Western water runoff by 10%

January 8, 2013

Another climate change study is projecting declines in runoff in many parts of the West, a scenario that would put more pressure on the region’s water supplies.

Using new model simulations, scientists at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory expanded on 2007 research that...

Judge allows wolf hunt near Yellowstone to continue

January 7, 2013

A Montana judge yesterday blocked the state from shutting down wolf hunting and trapping near Yellowstone National Park. Judge Nels Swandal of Montana's 6th Judicial District issued a restraining order allowing hunting and trapping to continue east and west of the town of Gardiner.


Half Dome cables will remain, hikers still limited

January 7, 2013

The hike up the granite monolith Half Dome in Yosemite National Park is one of the most iconic in the nationwide system, but on Friday officials announced approval of a plan that permanently limits how many can do it.

National Park Service authorities will issue permits to limit the...

First Wyo. wolf hunt ends with 42 kills

January 3, 2013

Wyoming's first hunting season in years ended Monday.

As of last week, 42 wolves were killed. Hunters were allowed to kill up to 52 wolves during the three-month season.

Wolves were reintroduced into the Yellowstone National Park region in the 1990s. The state allowed the hunt...

Bill to elevate Calif. monument to park status heads to Obama's desk

January 3, 2013

The Senate this week passed a bill that will upgrade California's Pinnacles National Monument to a national park, a designation that could draw more tourists to the area's famed volcanic spires and endangered California condors.

The bill by Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.), which the House passed...

Congress passes endangered fish, Glacier pipeline bills but no wilderness

January 3, 2013

Congress this week sent a handful of public lands bills to President Obama's desk, including measures to fund endangered fish recovery programs and allow maintenance of a natural gas line that runs through a portion of Glacier National Park in Montana.

Although the Senate this week...

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