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Wyo. governor unveils energy strategy

May 17, 2013

New rules for baseline water testing, off-site mitigation and reclamation are among the hallmarks of Gov. Matt Mead’s official strategy for energy management in Wyoming.

The strategy, much like its preliminary predecessor, breaks down energy policy into four basic subgroups – economic...

O&G lobbies for access to White River National Forest

May 17, 2013

The oil-and-gas industry is claiming that closures of land and increased regulations contemplated in the White River National Forest will make drilling “uncompetitive.”

Five organizations affiliated with the gas industry submitted comments last winter to the Forest Service as part of the...

Exxon Mobil challenges Yellowstone River spill fines

May 17, 2013

Exxon Mobil Corp. is challenging $1.7 million in penalties for a 63,000-gallon crude oil spill in the Yellowstone River, according to documents.

The penalties were proposed by the Transportation Department's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, which cited bad decisions...

Wind farms escape punishment for eagle deaths

May 17, 2013

Under the Obama administration, wind farms have never faced prosecution or fines for the deaths of eagles and other protected bird species.

While the administration has used bird deaths to prosecute oil companies and traditional power companies, wind companies have never faced penalties...

New fracking rules attempt to placate opposing camps

May 16, 2013

The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled a new proposal for regulating hydraulic fracturing on federal lands, rolling back some measures from its original, abandoned draft as it sought to ease concerns the rules would be too burdensome for producers.

The U.S. Interior Department...

ENR panel to mark up roughly 30 bills promoting wilderness, O&G

May 15, 2013

A Senate committee Thursday will seek to advance roughly 30 lands bills, including measures to designate wilderness in Nevada and New Mexico, swap tens of thousands of acres of gas-rich lands in Utah, and designate a national historic park in Rhode Island.

The Energy and Natural Resources...

Wind farms won't be prosecuted for condor deaths, says USFWS

May 15, 2013

The Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday said the operators of wind farms in the Tehachapi Mountains will not be charged if their turbines kill protected condors.

The announcement drew anger from environmentalists, who said the move undermines the California condor program.


Colo. foundation gives $50k for Thompson Divide lease buybacks

May 14, 2013

An Aspen, Colo.-based nonprofit foundation that has given away millions of dollars in the past decade for regional conservation projects has awarded its single largest grant yet to three conservation groups working to buy back oil and natural gas leases in the pristine Thompson Divide.


Controversial uranium projects proceed near Grand Canyon, 'sacred' mountain

May 13, 2013

Uranium mining will likely begin within weeks at a site in Mohave County, Ariz., near Grand Canyon National Park, the Bureau of Land Management said last week.

Toronto-based Energy Fuels Inc.'s Pinenut facility is within the 1 million acres of land that the Obama administration last year...

Carbon milestone a reminder of things to come

May 13, 2013

The Earth's atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed an ominous milestone yesterday when a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration observatory on the Big Island in Hawaii registered 400 parts per million for the first time.

It's a concentration of CO2 that has not existed in the...

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