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PGE Foundation\*** no more environment program ***
As the corporate foundation of Portland General Electric, the PGE Foundation continues its mission of making grants to improve the quality of life for all Oregonians. The foundation was formerly...
Phelps Dodge Foundation
Phelps Dodge Corporation is a global leader in the mining and manufacturing industries. The Phelps Dodge Foundation focuses its support to address needs in the areas of education, safety and the...
Playa Lakes Joint Venture
The Playa Lakes Joint Venture?s (PLJV) mission is to conserve playa lakes, other wetlands and associated landscapes through partnerships for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.
Plum Creek Foundation
To provide a philanthropic contribution program to support and improve the general welfare and quality of life in the communities Plum Creek Timber Company serves. Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. is...
Public Welfare Foundation
The foundation pursues a strategy of "service, advocacy, and empowerment" for meeting basic human needs and promoting democratic participation for people around the globe. Inherent in this strategy...
Puget Sound Energy
The mission of the Puget Sound Energy?s (PSE) corporate giving program is to reach out to and connect with the people in the communities it serves.
Puget Sound Public Involvement and Education Program
The goal of the Puget Sound Action Team (PSAT) is to restore and protect the biological health and diversity of Puget Sound by protecting and enhancing Puget Sound's water and sediment quality; its...
Ralph L. Smith Foundation
The Ralph L. Smith Foundation is a family-administered foundation that funds organizations working to change institutions and policies that stand in the way of equality, justice and sustainability.
Recreational Equipment, Inc.
The mission of Recreational Equipment, Inc.?s (REI) grant program is to support grassroots efforts to protect public lands, rivers and trails for muscle-powered outdoor recreation.
Resources for Community Collaboration
Resources for Community Collaboration (RCC) supports community-based collaborations working to resolve conflicts over use of natural resources in the rural West.
Resources Legacy Fund Foundation California Coastal and Marine Initiative
The California Coastal and Marine Initiative (CCMI) seeks to achieve significant protections for coastal and marine resources and promote major policy, funding and governance changes throughout the...
Resources Legacy Fund Foundation Preserving Wild California
Preserving Wild California (PWC) preserves significant elements of California's wildlands and ensures their permanent protection by investing in systematic acquisitions of land and fostering...
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Founded in 1951, the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund is a private, charitable, family foundation reflecting the founders' long-term commitment to support nonprofit organizations that enhance the...
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Sustainable Development Program
The fund promotes social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. Through its grantmaking, the fund supports efforts to expand knowledge, clarify values and critical...
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
The Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust seeks to provide support to organizations working towards the betterment of the citizens and environment of Oregon.
Rose Foundation
The mission of the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment is to nurture positive interactions between communities, the environment, and the economy.
Russell Family Foundation
The Russell Family Foundation?s goal for environmental sustainability is to protect, restore, and enhance the waters of Puget Sound. The foundation seeks to implement strategies that raise awareness...
Salmon Recovery Funding Board
The board supports salmon recovery by funding habitat protection and restoration projects. It also supports related programs and activities that produce sustainable and measurable benefits for fish...
San Diego Foundation
The San Diego Foundation's purpose is to improve the quality of life within the community. The mission of the environment program is to protect the quality, health and diversity of living things in...
San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program Grants
The Coastal Conservancy is providing grants through the San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program for projects that meet the natural resource and recreation needs of the San Francisco Bay Area.
San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) is one of fourteen Joint Ventures established under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and funded under the annual Interior Appropriations act. It brings...
San Francisco Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation strives to mobilize resources and to act as a catalyst for change in order to build strong communities and foster civic leadership.
San Juan Island Community Foundation
The mission of the San Juan Island Community Foundation, established in 1994, is to ensure and enhance the quality of life on San Juan Island.
Santa Fe Community Foundation
The Santa Fe Community Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. The foundation's goal is to be proactive in community problem-solving by identifying...
Sarah Scaife Foundation
The Sarah Scaife Foundation provides funding in the broad areas of the arts, humanities, education, the environment and social sciences.
Seattle Foundation
The Seattle Foundation is a community foundation committed to improving the quality of life in King County, Washington.
Social Justice Fund NW\formerly A Territory Resource (ATR)
Social Justice Fund NW (formerly A Territory Resource) is a public foundation that supports activist, community-based organizations working for social, economic and environmental justice. Grants are...
Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
The Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project (SCWRP) is a partnership of public agencies working cooperatively to acquire, restore and enhance coastal wetlands and watersheds. The goal of the...
Spirit Mountain Community Fund
The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde are committed to honoring their tribal traditions of sharing and giving back to the community. They initiated the Spirit Mountain Community Fund in 1997. They...
Stormwater Management Implementation Grants Program
Provide grants to local governments for municipal stormwater projects which propose to construct conventional technologies or implement innovative technologies to meet water quality needs and reduce...
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