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California Fisheries Restoration Grant Program
The mission of the Department of Fish and Games (DFG) Fisheries Restoration Grant Program is to fund watershed restoration work to benefit salmon and steelhead trout conservation and restoration.
California Forest Improvement Program
The California Forest Stewardship Program is designed to encourage good stewardship of private forestland.
California Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Program
The Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Program's (HERP) purpose is to focus on projects outside the Wildlife Conservation Board's (WCB) two main restoration programs (the California Riparian Habitat...
California Inland Wetlands Conservation Program
The Inland Wetlands Conservation Program (IWCP) was created within the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) by legislation in 1990, with a specific goal to carry out the mandates of the Central Valley...
California Rangeland, Grazing Land and Grassland Protection Program
The purpose of the Wildlife Conservation Board's (WCB) California Rangeland, Grazing Land and Grassland Protection Program is to protect California's rangeland, grazing land, and grassland through...
California Recreational Trails Program
The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) provides funds to the States to develop and maintain Recreational Trails and trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized Recreational Trail...
California Riparian Habitat Conservation Program
The program, created within the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB), has a basic mission to develop coordinated conservation efforts aimed at protecting, preserving, restoring, and enhancing riparian...
California Wildlands Grassroots Fund
The California Wildlands Grassroots Fund (CWGF) supports the efforts of groups and individuals to preserve California's wildlands.
Carpenter Foundation
The Purpose of The Carpenter Foundation is to add opportunity, choice, inclusiveness, enrichment, and a climate for change for those living in the Rogue Valley.
Center for Invasive Plant Management
The Center for Invasive Plant Management (CIPM) promotes the ecological management of invasive plants in the West through education. It accomplishes this by facilitating collaboration among...
Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation
The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life through a balance between technology and nature.
Charlotte Martin Foundation
The foundation is dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat as well as enriching the lives of youth.
Chehalis Fisheries Restoration Program
The goal of the Chehalis Fisheries Restoration Program (CFRP) is to recover Chehalis Basin fisheries by: forming partnerships with private landowners, non-profit organizations, and local, tribal, and...
Christensen Fund
The Fund's mission is to support the efforts of people and institutions who believe in a biodiverse world infused with artistic expression and work to secure ways of life and landscapes that are...
Cinnabar Foundation
The Cinnabar Foundation was created to foster a sound conservation philosophy and to support the search for diverse and sustainable lifestyles in Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
The Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation's mission is to protect and improve the quality of life through support of programs in the environment, human health, education and the arts. The purpose...
Collaborative Forest Restoration Program
The Community Forest Restoration Act of 2000 established a cooperative forest restoration program in New Mexico to provide cost-share grants to stakeholders for forest restoration projects on public...
Collins Foundation
The Collins Foundation exists to improve, enrich, and give greater expression to the religious, educational, cultural, and scientific endeavors in the state of Oregon as well as assist in improving...
Colorado Conservation Trust
The Colorado Conservation Trust's (CCT) mission is to preserve Colorado's special places by fostering leadership, strategic initiatives, and increased investments in conservation. CCT's goal is to...
Colorado Watershed Protection Fund
The watershed fund provides money for a competitive grant program to help local watershed protection groups to restore and protect Colorado's rivers, streams, and lands within Colorado's watersheds.
Colorado Wildlife Conservation Grant Program
The Colorado Wildlife Conservation Grant Program (CWCG), which is funded through the federal State Wildlife Grant Program, supports projects that conserve, restore, or enhance Colorado's threatened,...
Columbia Foundation Sustainable Communities and Economy Program
Its goal is to advance community and economic development programs that work to secure.
Community Foundation for Monterey County
The Community Foundation for Monterey County seeks to improve the quality of life in Monterey County by raising, managing, and distributing charitable funds to worthy organizations and by creating...
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
The mission of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is to work with charitably minded individuals and organizations to strengthen southern Arizona communities now and for generations to come...
Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
The foundation's mission is to shape the future of Southwest Washington through philanthropy.
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
To improve lifes through philanthropic leadership by: providing superior donor services; making grants that positively impact the community; ensuring sustainability of the philanthropic community...
Community Foundation of North Central Washington
The mission of the Community Foundation of North Central Washington is to nurture and inspire action to improve lives and living in North Central Washington.
Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
The Community Foundation's mission is to promote philanthropy to make Santa Cruz County a better place to live, now and in the future.
Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County exists to encourage philanthropy and improve the quality of life in Boulder County.
Community Foundation Sonoma County
The Community Foundation Sonoma County seeks to serve the people of Sonoma County, meeting their needs and supporting opportunities to strengthen the community through providing financial support to...
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