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To provide a philanthropic contribution program to support and improve the general welfare and quality of life in the communities Plum Creek Timber Company serves. Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. is the second largest private timberland owner in the United States, while seeking to be an innovator in environmental conservation and habitat conservation. The Plum Creek Foundation is the major channel of philanthropy for Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Funding Interests

Grants to environmental programs reflect the company's philosophy of resource stewardship. Many grants are awarded to smaller, rural communities that don't have easy access to funding sources. [Note: Plum Creek Foundation has supported hundreds of small projects nationally, but it is difficult to categorize the type of projects the foundation is most interested in funding. As a result, the recent grants listed below are not fully representative of Plum Creek's grant funding interests.]

Geographic Focus

In the Northwestern US: ID, OR, MT, WA. Visit the web site for additional states served by Plum Creek that fall outside the geographic focus of RLCH.

Types of Support

Primarily project support

Grant Size

$1000 to $10000

Requirements & Limitations

Applicants must be 501(c)(3) or 170(c) nonprofit organizations. Plum Creek does not fund:

  • Already completed projects;
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes;
  • War veterans and fraternal services organizations;
  • Operating expense requests from United Way agencies. Special projects will be considered;
  • National health organizations and programs, including local chapters;
  • Grants or loans to individuals;
  • Fund-raising events, i.e., tickets, dinners, telethons;
  • Corporate memberships or contributions to chambers of commerce, taxpayer associations, and other bodies whose activities are expected to directly benefit the company; and
  • Political organizations, campaigns, candidates.

Application Process

Request, complete and submit the application form. Application forms are available by contacting the foundation's Seattle office or from the website.


The annual quarterly application deadlines are: January 19, April 20, July 20 and October 19, 2007.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Long Live the Kings
Amount: $
Purpose: Salmon population numbers are dwindling in the Pacific Northwest, and the group Long Live the Kings is determined to contribute to a successful recovery of the salmon population. The group facilitates communication between business leaders, environmental groups, and government groups, enabling them to work together toward salmon recovery. Additionally, Long Live the Kings sponsors projects that are examples of successful salmon recovery plan components. The Plum Creek grant is helping Long Live the Kings work with state and tribal authorities to duplicate these model projects throughout the region.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp
Amount: $

To give high school students in Montana a chance to learn about forestry, soils, water, range, wildlife, and geology at the Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp near Missoula, Montana. The goal of the camp is to teach young people about natural resources in a non-biased way, so they can make informed decisions about natural resource issues throughout their lives. A grant from the Plum Creek Foundation paid for half the housing costs of the camp's teachers, who often give up their own vacation time to work at the camp.

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