Oregon Fish Restoration and Enhancement Program


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The Oregon Fisheries Restoration and Enhancement Act authorized the Department of Fish and Wildlife to undertake a comprehensive program to restore state-owned fish hatcheries, enhance natural fish production, expand hatchery production and provide additional public access to fishing waters.

Funding Interests

The restoration program will focus on department projects to replace fish liberation equipment, repair fish hatcheries, repair fish passage facilities and collect information on physical and biological characteristics of streams, lakes or estuaries. The enhancement program focuses on projects to increase fish production (either hatchery or natural production), increase recreational or commercial opportunities or access to the fish resources, or improve fish management capabilities. The program is especially interested in projects that create or improve fishing access, provide fish rearing programs for harvest or rehabilitation of wild fish populations, improve hatchery practices, restore or enhance habitat that directly benefits fish, study or monitor fish populations, or produce literature or programs that educate the public about fish and fishing.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support


Grant Size

$1000 to $300000

Requirements & Limitations

Any non-profit public or private organization is eligible to apply. Sport or commercial fishing groups, school districts, federal, state or local agencies, port districts, Soil and Water Conservation Districts and others may submit projects for consideration. Private, non-profit organizations must have tax-exempt status under the IRS code section 501(c)(3). Special consideration will be given to projects that also have matching funds from other sources and projects proposed for implementation by volunteers or non-profit organizations.

Application Process

Applicants will need to provide a description of the proposed project, the work to be undertaken, the benefits provided to recreational and/or commercial fisheries and any other pertinent information. All proposals must be submitted on application forms that are provided by the department. For application information and/or a project proposal application, contact the program assistant. The Fish and Wildlife Commission appoints a seven-member citizen review board to study potential projects and make recommendations for funding.


Applications may be submitted anytime (funding decisions are made five times a year). Applications should be submitted at least six months prior to the anticipated work.


Any of the department's district fishery biologists or Salmon-Trout Enhancement Program biologists can provide assistance to project applicants. For assistance, call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Fish Division at (503) 872-5252 for the name of the biologist serving in the proposed project area.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Miller Creek Fish Habitat Restoration
Amount: $35549
Purpose: A grant was given to re-engineer 1.5 miles of the creek in the Eliot State Forest to open up more habitats for Coho salmon. A helicopter flew in 60 logs and 25 root wads. The wood was placed in the stream in such a way that natural stream flow creates additional habitat. This project created new habitat for not only Coho salmon, but also steelhead and cutthroat trout.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Johnson Creek Watershed Council
Amount: $33700

A grant was given to help restore Crystal Springs Creek for sustainable fish populations by constructing a fish way over the eight-foot high dam at Crystal Springs Lake. The project also placed in-stream structures in the creek for fish habitat, stabilized eroding lake and stream banks by planting native trees and shrubs and restored the stream, lakeside and adjacent wetlands.

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