Oregon ATV Grants Program


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The Oregon ATV Grants Program seeks to provide financial support for ATV recreation projects.

Funding Interests

Through a competitive process, the ATV Grant Program provides supplementary funding for projects in the following categories:

  • Acquisition, planning, development, operation and maintenance of trail systems;
  • First aid and law enforcement; and
  • Safety education.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Project, development, planning and education funding is available.

Grant Size

$7000 to $220000

Requirements & Limitations

ATV Grant Projects reviewed and recommended by the ATV Allocation Advisory Committee (AAC) to the director and the commission must have commission approval before ATV agreements can be signed and projects can begin. Matching funds are required; however, the percentage required varies depending on the project type. Project requirements also vary depending on the project type. Visit the website for project specific qualifications.

Application Process

All applications are reviewed by the ATV Allocation Advisory Committee. The committee makes recommendations to the director of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission. The application forms are available on the website.


Letters of intent are due June 21, 2007
and full proposals are due July 12, 2007

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Winchester Trail System
Amount: $5000
Purpose: Funding was given to the South Coast Trail Riders for trail maintenance. The land the trails are on is owned by Coos County and managed by their Forestry Dept. Winchester trails are used primarily by mountain bikers and motorized trail bikers.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Beaver Dam OHV Trail
Amount: $40000

A grant was given to the Oregon Department of Forestry for the development of the Beaver Dam OHV Trail. Funding was given to: Complete contract construction of the three mile long trail; complete planning and reconnaissance and begin location of a one mile segment of trail; and prepare the trail construction contract with completed location and design of three and a half miles of trail.

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