Oregon Access and Habitat Program


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Access and Habitat is a board-directed program designed to improve wildlife habitat and public hunting access to private lands in Oregon.

Funding Interests

Access and Habitat activities are designed to be grassroots in nature. To qualify for Access and Habitat funding, a project must improve wildlife habitat and/or increase public hunting access to private land. Some examples include improvement of vegetation on wild lands, development of water in arid regions, reclamation of habitat by vehicular restrictions, or enfencement to control movements of wildlife or livestock.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Funding is provided for projects and technical assistance.

Grant Size

$3000 to $60000

Requirements & Limitations

Projects can be on public or private land, but preference will be given to those on private land. Projects are evaluated based on the potential benefit to wildlife habitat and improvement of public hunting opportunities. The board will pay particular attention to projects which reduce economic loss to landowners and which involve funding commitments from other organizations and agencies as well. In-kind contributions of labor, equipment and material are also very positive aspects of potential projects.

Application Process

Funding proposals may be submitted to any of the six regional advisory councils (see Contact Information), who will then send selected proposals to the state board for consideration. Proposals will be returned with suggestions for changes, amended by the board or approved as proposed. Those approved by the board go to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for final review and action. Individual landowners are encouraged to submit project proposals after receiving assistance from a local wildlife biologist. Application information is available from the regional advisory council members.


In 2006, there were three funding cycles. 2007 deadlines have not yet been announced.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Combs Flats Restoration Project, Prineville, OR
Amount: $48544
Purpose: A grant was given to the Pilot Butte Hereford Ranch to improve elk habitat by developing reliable water sources, creating feeding plots and cutting junipers in the upland areas of the property. The project?s goal is to keep elk in the upland areas to reduce both crop damage and the number of elk killed by motor vehicles when crossing highways. Funds will be used to purchase fence materials and pipeline, and for labor to clear junipers and drill a well.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: South Fork Crooked River, Crook County, OR<br>
Amount: $19565

Funding was given to a private landowner to improve fish and wildlife habitat along 2.5 miles of the river and on an additional 66 acres of old farm ground and river terraces. The project included rebuilding fences to prevent livestock trespass, forage plantings and juniper removal. Local volunteers from Central Oregon Flyfishers have planted several thousand willows along the river and will be doing additional habitat restoration work on the property in the future.

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