Oak Woodlands Conservation Program


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The mission of the Oak Woodlands Conservation Program is to conserve the integrity and diversity of oak woodlands across California?s working landscapes through incentives and education.

Funding Interests

The program will consider funding organizations and projects that:

  • Support and encourage voluntary, long-term private stewardship and conservation of California oak woodlands by offering landowners financial incentives to protect and promote biologically functional oak woodlands;
  • Provide incentives to protect and encourage farming and ranching operations that are operated in a manner that protect and promote healthy oak woodlands;
  • Provide incentives for the protection of oak trees providing superior wildlife values on private land; and
  • Encourage planning that is consistent with oak woodlands preservation

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Funding is available for conservation easements, land improvement, public education, outreach and technical assistance.

Grant Size

$1000 to $2000000

Requirements & Limitations

The Oak Woodlands Program is designed to accept applications from private landowners, local governmental entities, park and recreation districts, special districts, local resource conservation districts, nonprofit organizations and state departments. Specific guidelines for the various project types are available on the website.

Application Process

The application packet is available online.


Applications are accepted on an on-going basis.


Prior to WCB awarding a grant for an oak woodland conservation easement, restoration or enhancement project or any public education or outreach project, Section 1366 of the Act requires that a city or county in which grant money would be spent shall prepare or demonstrate that it has already prepared an Oak Woodlands Management Plan. To assist with the preparation of the plan, the Act allows eligible applicants to apply to the board for funds to develop an Oak Woodlands Management Plan for a county or city. However, the county or city shall maintain ultimate authority to approve the Oak Woodlands Management Plan.

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