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New Priorities Foundation is committed to supporting citizen-initiated efforts to create a more vibrant, diverse and beautiful environment through hands-on experience, democracy-building and preservation of natural areas.

Funding Interests

The foundation provides funding for environmental education, environmental justice and advocacy, land conservation and preservation, sustainable agriculture practices and innovative initiatives.
The foundation?s core values include:

  • Emphasizing experiential learning;
  • Celebrating community and multigenerational collaboration; and
  • Upholding social justice and equity.
  • respecting beauty in all its forms: love, balance, diversity,
    caring, order, simplicity, wildness

Geographic Focus

Inland Northwest (Washington, Oregon and Idaho)

Types of Support


Grant Size

$1000 to $15000

Requirements & Limitations

Organizations must have IRS 501(c)(3) status to be eligible for funding. The foundation does not make grants to capital campaigns, arts programs, medical programs, endowments or individuals. It does not offer support for religious, institutional or military activities. The foundation welcomes collaboration with other grant makers and favors grant seekers with multiple sources of support.

Application Process

Interested organizations should send a one-page letter of inquiry to the foundation. If the foundation is interested in pursuing funding possibilities, it will invite the organization to complete a full application. Full applications will not be accepted until a letter or inquiry has been approved.


The foundation will not be accepting unsolicited grant applications during the 2007-2008 time period. Check the website for further updates.


As the Foundation moves into their tenth year of grant making, the board of New Priorities Foundation has decided to shift the foundation's area of focus for the next two years (2007-2008). The rapidity of global climate change makes addressing it an urgent matter. That urgency compels the foundation to dedicate the bulk of the its resources to support projects which work toward reducing negative human impact on the earth's climate or ones that help to elevate this issue to greater national prominence. This decision requires a period of study and reflection for the board, followed by development of a plan of action. Once that is accomplished funds will be disbursed in accord with the plan. The foundation will post the results of their study and research as they develop.


Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Inland Northwest Land Trust, Spokane, WA
Amount: $15000
Purpose: Funding was given to safeguard wildlife habitats and open spaces throughout the Northwest. The trust helped protect nearly 100,000 acres in Spokane County threatened with urbanization.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Washington Food and Farming Network
Amount: $10000

A grant was given in support of a coalition of farmers, environmental organizations, nutrition advocates and members of the public to encourage and support family farms, ensuring long-term stewardship of the land and community, economic and environmental well-being.

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