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The Grassland Reserve Program (GRP) is a voluntary program that helps landowners and operators restore and protect grassland, including rangeland, shrubland and pastureland, and certain other lands, while maintaining the areas as grazing lands.

Funding Interests

The program emphasizes support for working grazing operations; enhancement of plant and animal biodiversity; and protection of grassland and land containing shrubs and
forbs under threat of conversion to cropping, urban development, and other activities that threaten grassland resources. Special funding for drought states in 2006 can assist by helping manage grassland resources to prevent vegetative stress during water shortages.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

GRP has several different enrollment options: 30-year and permanent easements; 10, 15, 20 or 30-year rental agreements; and restoration agreements, which may be used in conjunction with any easement or rental agreement.

Grant Size

$0 to $1000000

Requirements & Limitations


  • Minimum acreage requirement of 40 acres
  • Privately owned lands and Tribal lands, including grassland; land that contains forbs or shrubs (including improved rangeland and pastureland)or
  • Land that is located in an area that historically has been dominated by grassland, forbs, and shrubs and has
    potential to provide habitat for animal or plant populations of significant ecological value if the land is retained in its current use or restored to a natural condition
  • Application Process

    Submit an application to the local NRCS or FSA office in the local USDA Service Center.

    NOTE: Must be a land owner to submit an application.


    Applications are accepted at any time. Contact your local NRCS or FSA office for specific local details. See the Directories section of the Red Lodge Clearinghouse website for your nearest NRCS/FSA office.

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