Department of the Interior Central Valley Project Conservation Program and Central Valley Project Improvement Act Habitat Restoration Program


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The purpose of this grant is to ensure that the Central Valley Project Conservation Program will be facilitated in meeting its objectives. (CVPCP) was developed during the Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation process to ensure that the existing operation of the Central Valley Project (CVP), implementation of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA), and renewal of CVP water service contracts would not jeopardize listed or proposed species or adversely affect designated or proposed critical habitat.

Funding Interests

Funding priorities for 2007 include:

  • Serpentine soil and associated habitats supporting endemic species, such as the bay checkerspot butterfly and serpentine plants, in Santa Clara County
  • Vernal pool habitats throughout the Central Valley supporting federally-listed vernal pool invertebrates
  • Alkali sink, alkali scrub, and valley grassland habitat located on, or restored to, the floor of the San Joaquin Valley
  • Habitat protection and management activities in eastern Contra Costa and eastern Alameda Counties that will help conserve listed species located there
  • Wetland and associated uplands supporting species

Geographic Focus

Central Valley, California

Types of Support

This program places emphasis on certain kinds of activities considered more critical to species' protection and recovery than others:

  • Fee Title/Easement Acquisition and Habitat Restoration
  • Studies/Surveys
  • Outreach/Planning

Grant Size

$5000 to $1000000

Requirements & Limitations

Applicants must be Federal and State government agencies, private non-profit or profit organization, and individuals.

Application Process

A table which contains a summary of the information that you are required to submit with your application can be found on the website.


Application deadline was December 1 at 3:00PM PST. Refer to website or contact Maria Castaneda for follow up grants.

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