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The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that funds projects and activities that lead to greater reliance on clean, environmentally preferred, renewable power, and to a healthy, sustainable fish and wildlife habitat within the Pacific Northwest.

Funding Interests

Watershed Programs and Renewable Energy Programs

Geographic Focus

Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington

Types of Support

Watershed Grants and Renewable Grants

Grant Size

$5000 to $40000

Requirements & Limitations

Any private person, organization, tribe, or local government, within the Pacific Northwest may apply. Funding, however, will only be considered where applicants fit the following criteria:

  • Base proposed or existing actions on sound science
  • Exhibit strong community engagement

For further requirements/limitations on specific grants please click on Watershed Grants.

Application Process

Different application processes exist for Watershed Grants and Renewable Grants:Watershed Grants

  • Submit 2-3 page Letter of Inquiry or contact Todd Reeve, Director of Watershed Programs via email or phone (Portland Office: 1-503-248-1905; Corvallis Office: 1-541-752-3713).
  • Download Model Watershed Grant Criteria.

Renewable Grants

  • Click here to determine what specific category your project fits into. This determines the specific application and funding process that you will need to go through.


Letters of Inquiry are accepted anytime.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Stoner Creek Biological Assessment (Montana)
Amount: $24132
Purpose: BEF provided funding to support a baseline biological evaluation of the Stoner Creek watershed. The completed Stoner Creek assessment will guide the Flathead Basin Commission's efforts to restore degraded watershed conditions, conserve intact areas, and mitigate for the regions rapidly expanding residential development.

Grant 2

Grantee: Rudio Creek Streamflow Enhancement (Oregon)
Amount: $25000

The Oregon Water trust received a grant from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to implement an irrigation conservation project on Rudio Creek. The project will relocate an irrigation point of diversion, convert flood irrigation to more efficient sprinkler systems, and establish an instream water lease on Rudio Creek. This project will make it possible to continue traditional agricultural and ranching activities along Rudio Creek, while ensuring that natural flows remain in the stream for fish and wildlife needs.

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