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The mission of the Bohemian Foundation is to encourage and enable our youth to become productive members of society; to encourage organizations to work together; and to be a catalyst for public awareness.

Funding Interests

The Bohemian Foundation looks for agencies and programs encompassing the following three aspects:

  • Have clear, strong evaluation systems with high expectations for youth, are responsive to backgrounds, interests and needs of youth and families, and serve a broad cross section of youth.
  • Collaborate; avoid duplication of services and maximize efficiency.
  • Are vocal, innovative, and resourceful when promoting issues of public awareness.

Geographic Focus

Fort Collins, Colorado

Types of Support

Pharos Fund grants, which are available for general operating support, capital projects, equipment purchases, technical assistance and program support.

Grant Size

$1000 to $30000

Requirements & Limitations

Eligible applicants must be nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations. The foundation will not fund the following:

  • Multi-year requests
  • Multi-program requests
  • Fundraising events
  • Tuition-based private schools
  • Political campaigns or specific legislative issues
  • Activities that have a specific religious purpose
  • Private foundations, including private operating foundations
  • Individual team requests
  • Discriminatory programs
  • Programs serving individuals
  • Debt reduction

Application Process

In order to be considered, all applicants must complete and remit the cover sheet, signature page, application, and required attachments to the Bohemian Foundation. Please click here to download these materials. Applications may be submitted by hand or mailed NOT emailed. New in 2008-- Applications to the Pharos Fund now require two additional attachments.

  • Internally prepared profit and loss statement and balance sheet for most recent year end.
  • Final Report using the Colorado Common Grant Report Format if you have an outstanding final report from a previous Bohemian Foundation grant award for the program for which you plan to apply.


Applications were due by 5 p.m. on February 7, 2008. Grants are considered two times per year.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Children's Garden, Fort Collins, CO
Amount: $25000
Purpose: The Children's Garden will provide children with a hands-on experience designed to educate them about the natural world and how they can help to care for it. The project will have interactive and educational gardens and displays. It will include a small amphitheatre for presentations, garden plots for tending and a playful water feature.

Grant 2

Grantee: Community Resource Center, Denver, CO
Amount: $

The resource center helps community groups and non-profits to improve their skills and the successfulness of their organizations through training. The organization assists non-profits in the areas of technical assistance, fundraising, organizational development and grant writing. The resource center also seeks to help citizen networks and community-based groups to unite in an attempt to foster social change and to influence public policy.

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