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The Bill Healy Foundation is committed to responsible grant making through thoughtful choices. The foundation recognizes the fragile interdependence between the environment and human beings. The foundation has chosen two points of focus, one of which is Environmental Conservation.

Funding Interests

The foundation supports stewardship, education, and sustainable solutions focused on preservation, appreciation, and respect for the world.

Geographic Focus

Oregon and Hawaii

Types of Support

Program Support as well as General Operations

Grant Size

$1000 to $25000

Requirements & Limitations

Grant recipients must have a 501(c)(3) IRS status and meet the foundation's funding interests of environmental conservation and/or the well being of children.Traditionally, grant instructions specify that grant recipients must submit a One Year Report before they are eligible to re-apply, therefore limiting application requests to every other year. For the granting year of 2008, we will waive this restriction. Everyone who meets our criteria will be eligible to apply in 2008. In 2009 we will resume our established rule of one application per year with a subsequent one year report.

Application Process

The Foundation has an online application. Fill out online forms on the Foundation's website.


The submission deadline for Oregon is January 4, 2008. The submission deadline for Hawaii is May 1, 2008.


Beginning in 2008 the foundation will be adding to its traditional structure of giving. They will continue to offer our Small Grants program and in addition we will initiate a Large and Multi-Year Grants program.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Oregon Center for Environmental Health
Amount: $
Purpose: The Oregon Center for Environmental Health protects public health and the environment by promoting alternatives to the use, manufacture, release and disposal of toxic chemicals.

Grant 2

Grantee: KAHEA the Hawaiian Environmental Alliance
Amount: $

KAHEA works with citizens organizing to protect sensitive shorelines and culturally significant sites from inappropriate development and to prevent the conversion of agricultural lands to gated communities, golf courses, and malls. KAHEA also works to protect Hawaii's threatened biodiversity and endangered species.

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