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The Ben & Jerry's Foundation offers competitive grants to not-for-profit grassroots organizations throughout the United States which facilitate progressive social change by addressing the underlying conditions of societal and environmental problems.

Funding Interests

The Ben & Jerry's Foundation doesn't prioritize any particular issues for funding, but it does focus on the types of activities and strategies an organization uses for creating social change in any number of areas. The foundation will only consider proposals from grassroots, constituent-led organizations that are organizing for systemic social change. It supports programs and projects that exemplify creative problem solving. Go here for further guidlines.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Not specified. But based on selected recent grants listed below, the foundation funds staff and operating costs as well as specific projects and awareness campaigns.

Grant Size

$500 to $15000

Requirements & Limitations

The foundation does not fund discretionary or emergency requests, colleges or universities, individuals or scholarship programs, research projects, capital campaigns, state agencies, religious programs, international or foreign-based programs or social service programs.

Application Process

The application process to the Ben & Jerry's Foundation begins with an initial letter of interest, and if invited, is followed by a full proposal. Applications for grants of less than $1,000 will be considered on the basis of the Letter of Interest alone, without requiring a full proposal. It does not accept Federal Express, express delivery packages, faxed or e-mailed letters of interest. The foundation has requirements about what to include in the letter, along with its own cover letter form.


Letters of interest may be submitted at any time and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. However, they must be submitted at least 10 weeks prior to the proposal deadline for which you wish to be considered. Deadlines to submit a full proposal (for invited applicants only) are: March 1, July 1 and November 1.


The foundation appreciates applicants who take pains to conserve resources in the application process (for example, those who print and copy on both sides of paper; do not use plastic covers or include glossy photos, etc.).

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Citizens' Environmental Coalition, Albany, NY<br>\
Amount: $12000
Purpose: CEC is a statewide network of organizations and individuals working to eliminate pollution in New York State and create safe, healthy communities, schools and workplaces through advocating and organizing for pollution prevention and remediation. Funding was provided in support of the Chemical Reform Campaign, which is striving to change chemical policy in New York State starting with the phase-out of persistent, bioaccumulative toxic chemicals.

Grant 2

Grantee: Glen Canyon Institute
Amount: $7500

GCI is an education, advocacy and coalition-building organization dedicated to the restoration of a healthy, free-flowing Colorado River through Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon. The Campaign for Glen Canyon is working to take steps now to promote the recovery of physical and biological integrity of Glen Canyon and the Colorado River and to build support for the re-designation of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area as a National Park to ensure its permanent protection under the National Park Service.

Grant 3

Grantee: Yaak Valley Forest Council (YVFC), Troy, MT
Amount: $10000

YVFC is a community organization working to protect the last remaining roadless cores in the Yaak Valley in the northwest corner of Montana. At the same time, members are working to support the development and nurturing of a sustainable local economy in harmony with the natural environment, and to maintain and restore the valley's ecological integrity by conserving and improving habitat for the area's sensitive species. Continued funding was provided in support of the Community Forest Watch Program, which works to educate and empower the local community to conserve the ecological integrity of the region.

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