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The Bella Vista Foundation's Ecosystem Restoration program focuses on protecting, restoring, and revitalizing high priority watershed ecosystems in California and Oregon. Within these key watersheds, the Foundation's priorities are promoting the sustainable management of forest and agricultural land, revitalizing streams, and restoring riparian areas, with the goal of enhancing and maintaining self-sustaining watershed ecosystems.

Funding Interests

The foundation is interested in projects that *Incorporate environmental, economic, and social equity factors because solutions that merge these factors tend to have long-term success. *Preserve and build natural capital by consuming the growth of the environmental resource, rather than the resource itself. *Support creative solutions to revitalization and restoration that have the potential to serve as models for similar projects. *Engage in projects that are part of a cluster of projects in a given watershed, involving one or more organizations over time. The Foundation believes this clustering of support at the watershed level will result in stronger partnerships and a greater impact in the long term. *Foster collaborative partnerships even among groups with divergent interests.

Geographic Focus

Bella Vista will consider projects in the following locations in California: The Mattole River watershed, the mid-Klamath/Shasta rivers, the McCloud tributary of the Sacramento River, and the Northern and Central Sierra Nevada. We will also focus on the following areas in Oregon: the upper Deschutes Basin and the John Day Basin.

Grant Size

$20000 to $175000

Requirements & Limitations

The Foundation will not give grants to (or for) individuals, government agencies or quasi-government agencies (i.e., cities and counties, conservation districts, etc.), benefit events, publications, or video production, and will not support public policy and advocacy projects, and it does not give multi-year grants.

Application Process

Send a short proposal. More information available at the funders website for specific application information.


In 2008: proposals were received in the office no later than 5 p.m. on January 31 or June 16, 2008.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: California Trout, San Francisco, CA
Amount: $50000
Purpose: To support the Shasta River Restored Campaign and conservation activities in the Shasta River watershed with the goal of restoring the ecological health and overall sustainability of the Shasta River.

Grant 2

Grantee: Deschutes Basin Land Trust, Bend, OR
Amount: $55825

To provide support for the restoration of Rimrock Ranch, an 1,120 acre property along 1.6 miles of Whychus (formerly Squaw) Creek in the upper Deschutes Basin.

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