Know the Law

Posted: Apr 6, 2010

Law and Policy Summaries

Basic knowledge of natural resources law, regulation and policy is essential for effective advocacy and participation. In these pages,“Key Concepts” and “Process Essentials” address the major natural resource and environmental laws and regulations, outlining the provisions most likely of interest to Clearinghouse constituents. Additional links to full-text laws, regulations, court cases and agency guidance, as well as stand-alone reports and news articles, add depth to these bare-bones descriptions. “Controversies” and “Collaboration in Action” add perspective on some of the hottest issues and highlight attempts to solve some of the toughest problems. These summaries are updated regularly and even include "Pending Legislation” sections that identify some of the new laws and amendments proposed by the current Congress.

Finding Federal Law

Many laws, regulations, executive orders, agency guidance documents, and court cases are available on the internet. This guide will help you understand and locate these sources of Federal law.

State Water Law

A guide to the key concepts involved in state water resource allocation in the West and comprehensive summaries of the 13 individual Western states' water law.

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