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NOAA's new 'normals' are in

July 7, 2011
NOAA's new normals are warmer
Las Animas River

Mine reclamation: Why calls to allow Good Samaritans to clean up old...

June 29, 2011
This makes the recent rhetoric around devoting more resources to our endangered waterways a welcome sound. But talk of how this painstaking and...
Colorado River

Colorado River conference: U.S./Mexico relations, the Compact and...

June 14, 2011
“Navigating the Future of the Colorado River,” a conference held at the University of Colorado Law School last week, was filled with folks who have...
Colorado River

Colorado River conference: Rare accord marks its opening

June 9, 2011
Despite its reputation as the “most legislated, most debated, and most litigated river in the entire world” –as Marc Reiser put it in Cadillac Desert...
Climate, Water
Aerial view of the Colorado River

Colorado River: Balancing river health and human need

June 2, 2011
When is a river no longer a river? Once its ecosystem has dried up, forcing the few remaining native species to struggle for survival? Or does a...
Kids march for climate change

Climate change: The kids are not alright

June 2, 2011
The goal of the effort, which is being led by Our Children’s Trust, an Oregon-based non-profit, is to file suits and petitions against the federal...
Colorado River

Rivers and climate change: A BOR report sees the future

May 18, 2011
In its own way, the BOR report is a vision of the world gone to hell. In the west, of course, too little water will be our fate. The report’s...
Kaibab National Forest

Grand Canyon: Time is running out

April 18, 2011
On July 21, a moratorium on staking new uranium and other hardrock mining claims, on over one million acres of public land near the Grand Canyon...
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Statue of Liberty with solar light

Conservation: Red, white and blue is the new green

March 23, 2011
Despite what freshman Republican lawmakers would have us believe, giving a flying finch about the environment is very American.

Draft Forest Planning Rule: Public comment ideas

March 16, 2011
The bottom line is that the current planning process is too complex, too time-consuming, and too fraught with unnecessary decisions and choices that...
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